The Globe and Mail has teamed up with the Ink Cartridges Inc. (ECI) to offer a free, in-depth look at the most popular ink cartridges available in Canada.

It’s the first time we’ve done this series, which includes detailed information on each ink cartridge.

Each cartridge features a unique and colourful label and is listed on ECI’s website as “a unique Canadian product.”

To find out how to buy a cartridge, head to

We’ll also have a guide to where to get the best deals on ink cartridges later this week.

Here’s how to find out which ink cartridges you should be looking out for:Acer Cartridges and Canon Ink CartridgeCup of Cartridges: Canon E Ink, Blue, Canon EF Ink, Brown, Canon C Ink, Dark Brown, E Ink Light Brown, Eco-Color, Faded Black, Gray, Green, Green Arrow, Pink, Red, Red Arrow, Sky Blue, Tan, Teal, Yellow,Yellow ArrowSource: ECI via The Globe & Mail