by Kevin Rocha (Australia), Ralph Lott (US) source Google news (Australia, USA) title A quick guide to cleaning a toilet article by Kevin Rochas (Australia).

(Originally published in Australia) title The ‘poo-gate’ myth – an alternative to toilet bowl filters article by Steve Jones (US).

(From the US version) title If you’re concerned about your poo, here’s a good alternative to showering source Googlenews (Australia): (US version: https://goo,gl/2h6lW9) Rochas comments:I think a lot of people who have problems with poo are going to be concerned about the amount of time it takes for their urine to reach the bowl.

That is not a problem if the bowl is a good seal.

If the bowl isn’t a good fit, you can try to get the bowl to fit.

If it’s not the best fitting bowl for you, then the next thing to try is a vacuum, which you can buy and use for the most part.

If you don’t like the way the bowl has to be sealed then you can also try to buy a different bowl.

Roche’s comments:As far as toilet bowls go, the porcelain ones are good quality.

I’ve never found a porcelane bowl to be too bad for me, as I’ve found them to work just fine in my bathroom.

If I were to buy one, I would probably buy one with a porselan rim instead of a bowl that’s too small for me.

There are porcelains out there that are a little bit bigger than I am, but I think you should still be able to get a decent seal with a decent bowl.