When Josh Dugger was accused of molesting five young girls in 1991, he apologized, but that didn’t stop the network from using the incident as an example for how not to cover sexual abuse allegations.

That didn’t sit well with the show’s star, and he ended up leaving the show and his show business.

But Duggar, who was born and raised in Indiana, isn’t about to let that go.

On Thursday, the reality star took to Twitter to say that the network had tried to get him to come back, and that he was refusing.

“I have always had a strong and unshakeable desire to return to the Duck Dynasty family.

We are confident that once Josh is fully cleared and released from the hospital, he will return to Duck Dynasty and the Duck family,” Duggar wrote in a statement.

He continued: “I am not saying that the situation has changed.

I have no plans to return, and will not be on the show or any Duck Dynasty shows.”

But he also said that the decision to not include him was based on his health, and didn’t come from him being a hypocrite.

“No matter what I did or said, no matter what people have been saying, I was never a hypocrate,” Dugger said.

“What people say is the truth, and I believe that my truth is that I have a strong desire to get back and be in a place where I can be with my family and with my friends and my God.”

Duggar will be the sixth Duck Dynasty star to leave the series, joining his father, Dan Duggar; his sister, Ashley; and the brother, Ty.

The network has said that they’ll begin airing the season five finale next Thursday night, and Duggar is also set to appear in a two-hour special, “Duck and The Duck,” for the Duck Family Museum.

He also has plans to travel the country to support the museum, which is set to open in June.