It’s no secret that ink cartridges aren’t the most popular thing in the world, but Google has just made the case that the cartridge is a real necessity for any smartphone user.

The search giant has recently been selling an InkSmart Nano cartridge for just $3.99 (US) and has even recently updated the design of the ink cartridge to better fit smartphones and tablets.

Now Google is also offering a new ink cartridge with Nitrous Oxide cartridges, the company’s answer to the big, ugly ink cartridges that you may have seen on Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

It seems the company is taking the Nitrous oxide cartridge as a serious competitor to ink cartridges and is aiming to make it the default ink cartridge in Android phones.

Google says the Nitromax ink cartridge is “the best cartridge in the game” and “a key ingredient for mobile devices.”

In addition to being the ink-based ink cartridge Google is offering, the Nitroxy cartridge is an ultra-thin, durable cartridge that it says is “better than ever for ink”.

While it doesn’t come with the Nitrisox ink cartridge as an option, Google is promising to ship a Nitromacolor cartridge to users with a valid credit card in the next few weeks.

The NitroXY cartridge will also work on Android phones running KitKat, Marshmallow, and Lollipop.

There’s no word on when the Nitrox ink cartridge will be available, but the Google product page indicates it will be “coming soon.”