Fox Sports gives its players the option to buy Apple’s new Apple Pencil and Apple Pen with Lightning Adapter

The biggest surprise from Apple’s announcement of the new Apple iPad Pro is that the new iPad has two different ports for the new Pencil.

The new iPad Pro has two ports for a Lightning connector, which means you can plug the pen into the top and the Pencil into the bottom of the device.

The other port is for the headphone jack.

This means the new tablet has two separate ports for both Lightning and headphone connections, which makes sense, considering the new iPads have a Lightning port on the top of the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro also has two USB-C ports on the back of the tablet.

The first is a Thunderbolt port, which is an upgraded version of the Lightning connector on the previous iPad Pro, and is much faster than USB-A.

Thunderbolt 3 and USB-4 are the current versions of the Thunderbolt port.

The second USB-3 port is used for charging and for plugging in a mouse and keyboard.

The Lightning port is a port that plugs directly into a Mac, while the USB-X port is one that plugs into a USB-c port.

The Pencil, by comparison, is a plug-and-play port for iPad Pro users that can connect to the iPad and plug into the iPad’s camera or speaker port.

It can be used to write with the Pen.

The two ports make the iPad more versatile, and it makes the iPad Pros more versatile as well.

With the Pen, you can use the Pen for multiple things, including drawing, annotating, writing, and more.

With the new Lightning Pen, Apple has added a new mode to the Pen: “Line-to-Line” which allows you to draw lines that can be dragged and stacked on top of one another.

The Pen can be turned into a marker or pen that can act as a drawing pad, for example.

This allows you write text on the screen, or draw with the iPad or other objects.

The third port is the headphone port.

When plugged into an iPad, you get two ports: one that’s used for audio output, and one that is used to make sure your headphones are plugged into the correct port.

You can use a USB to Lightning adapter for this port.

If you have a wireless earbud or headphones, this is probably the port you want to use.

You can plug headphones into the USB to HDMI port, the HDMI port for USB audio, and the audio output port.