The ink cartridges on your tattoo can be anywhere you want, thanks to a clever patent filing by the company that’s making them.

The ink cartridges are made from the same material as tattoo ink, so they’re also compatible with all sorts of other ink, including tattoo paint, paint thinner, and even prescription medication.

So if you’re a fan of tattoo ink but you want to put your tattoo in a cart that can fit a range of different ink types, this patent filing makes it easy to do just that.

The ink cartridge uses a combination of the ink and the metal plates that hold it together to produce a high-quality tattoo.

The patent filing details a process that allows ink cartridges to be placed on the tattoo at any angle that’s right for the ink to flow.

The cartridge has an ink flow that’s 100% continuous.

When the ink is poured, the ink cartridges also produce a constant flow of ink, which means the ink can stay fresh for a long time.

The cartridges also allow for precise placement.

The ink cartridge works by collecting and storing ink from a tattoo that’s been tattooed in a particular way.

The tattoo artist will then pour the ink into a cartridge.

After the ink cartridge has been poured, it’s placed onto the tattoo, which then collects and stores the ink for later use.

It’s this process that creates the ink that creates tattoo ink cartridges, which are not only great for tattoo ink storage, but are also compatible and easy to make.