A startup in India says it will allow people to buy weed oil capsules from Amazon to supplement their water for less than the cost of a refill.

The company, called B2O Weed, said on Thursday it plans to launch the product on August 1 in Delhi and Delhi-NCR and offer it to people as an option.

Users can buy a 100 ml (4.4 oz) jar of weed oil from the company’s online store and then use it to make their own herbal remedies.

“We’ve also developed an app for the people who are struggling to buy essential oils,” co-founder Rahul Nain said in a statement.

“It will enable them to buy the weed oil in bulk.”

B2Os Weed, based in New Delhi, said in the statement that it expects to sell the product in 100 to 200 cities by the end of the year.

“With this new product, we hope to bring relief to the people and their families,” the company said.

B2o Weed said the company had launched its product in the US and in Germany earlier this year.