A company says it’s invented a new way to shoot oil cartridges, with a 510 thread cartridge.

Google News link A company that makes electronic weed cartridges says it has invented a process for producing cartridges that fire directly at targets.

The cartridges, which the company calls the ‘Electronic Weed Cartridge,’ are the first to fire from a single cartridge.

The cartridge is intended for use with a variety of electronic devices including drones and other small autonomous weapons systems.

The company said the cartridges are currently in development for use in drones, small cars and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The weed cartridges will be marketed as a replacement for traditional cartridges.

The new cartridges are similar to those used in traditional oil and gas, but will have a stronger, more powerful motor.

A new cartridge is made of a thin, flexible, plastic that has a small hole drilled through it, and is designed to function as a power source for the cartridges.

There is also a threaded cartridge to be inserted into the cartridge and the cartridge will have the ability to be used to shoot a cartridge.

It has been tested in a number of different applications, and the company said it plans to launch the cartridges in 2019.

“We’ve designed this technology for the industrial market,” said Adam Kuzman, president and chief executive officer of the company, in a statement.

“It is a smart technology for small, lightweight applications that are needed in large quantities, such as drones and autonomous weapons.”

Kuzmann said the company is also developing the cartridges for the consumer market.

“With our cartridges, we will be able to make our cartridges more durable and more affordable, which is a huge benefit for the environment,” he said.

The technology has also been used in drones to shoot images of their targets.

Another cartridge company, Synthetic Oil, is also making a new version of the cartridges, called the “Electronic Cannoneer.”

Synthetic is an Israeli-based company that has made a number similar cartridges.

It says the new cartridge will be made from a more durable plastic.

Synthetic says the cartridge is also designed to be more flexible than traditional cartridges and that it will be more powerful and durable than traditional cartridge cartridges.

Synthetics also says the cartridges will shoot up to 1,000 rounds per minute.

Synthes will sell the cartridges at a cost of $150 to $300 per cartridge, according to the company.