‘Abandon hope, go home’: NRA says it’s time for gun owners to ‘abandon hope’

When the NRA and its members, such as NRA-ILA President Chris Cox, held a rally at the State Capitol on May 5 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Second Amendment, the organization had a simple message for the group’s supporters: “Abandons hope, and go home.”

But on Tuesday, the NRA issued a statement to Business Insider which, while acknowledging that “the Second Amendment was not always so well understood by the American people,” made no mention of the 20th century.

The statement said: “There are many reasons why the Second Amendments was never truly understood by Americans.

However, in the end, we are all Americans, and we all want to keep and defend our constitutional rights.

This is not an effort to undermine or undermine our beliefs, and it’s not a campaign to convince the public to abandon our beliefs.

In fact, the message of the NRA’s 100th Anniversary is to remain united in our belief that the Second and the First Amendments should not be taken for granted.”

For our country to continue on its path of progress, and for our future to be truly secure, we must have confidence in our freedoms and our institutions,” the NRA said in the statement.

It goes on to say that, “We must continue to defend the fundamental rights of law-abiding citizens, and our laws must be enforced and defended against any attempt to undermine our security, and uphold our laws, to protect us and to preserve the rights of others.

We must continue in this effort, to ensure that our laws are not abused, and that they protect all of our citizens, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

“The NRA has faced a backlash in recent weeks from gun owners and other gun owners who say the group is promoting an ideology of violence and violence prevention.

On Tuesday, NRA-Lifetime CEO Wayne LaPierre said that gun control would be “the end of the world” if the Second Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Second amendment.

He also argued that gun ownership is not a right.

In response to the NRA statement, the pro-gun group’s website,, posted a message to gun owners saying that it has “an unprecedented opportunity to take our message to the American public” with a video message that was released on Tuesday.

In it, NRA President Chris Dolan, who has previously been criticized for using the NRA to attack opponents of gun control, says, “I have spent my entire career working to ensure we have a Second Amendment.

It is a constitutional right, and every gun owner should have it.

“The NRA also has released a website featuring videos that discuss the history of the gun and the history and importance of the firearm.

The NRA-affiliated website also includes a message from a gun owner who said, “In my view, this is the wrong way to go.

It’s not what we’ve fought for in the past.

It won’t change anything.

It will only make things worse.

I have a gun.

I love my family.

And we’re not going to take it back.