3M Respirator cartridges are popular for printing plastic items such as clothes, toys, and even cars, but they don’t do a great job of cooling down hot parts like printers and stereos.

Fortunately, there are some 3-d printer cartridges that use water to cool them down.

They’re called Brother printers and they’re sold in a range of models including the $1,299 Brother Fusion 3-Series, which features a water-cooled fan, a $899 Brother Pro 3-series, and the $999 Brother Mini 3-line.

The 3-year warranty from Brother means you’ll be protected against any water damage while using them.

But if you don’t have the right cooling solution for your printer, Brother might not have the best options for you.

Here are the best 3-mm water cooling cartridges for your 3-DM printer.