3m 6100 cartridges sold online after 3m THC cartridges made headlines

3m cannabis cartridges sold on online marketplace eBay, according to data collected by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The data showed that 3m of the 3.4m cannabis oil cartridges sold in Australia were made from 3m 3m 0.8m 3.2m 0 to 6001, a figure which was “well below” the threshold required by the federal government for the supply of cannabis.

The number of cannabis cartridges produced by the 3m suppliers is not known but a spokesperson for the ACCC said the data “does not show the extent to which they are being marketed”.

“The Australian Government has taken the matter seriously and taken appropriate action to identify and prohibit these products from being marketed,” the spokesperson said.

“These products are not currently available to consumers in Australia.”

However, the ACCT noted that it is “aware of concerns” raised by consumers about the 3M cartridges.

The ACCC has warned the industry to “take appropriate action” to address the issue.

The Australian Cannabis Industry Association said the findings are disappointing.

“We’re very concerned about the data which shows there are still 3m supply lines, and that the supply is in some cases still below the level required to be labelled,” the ACA said in a statement.

“The ACCT is very concerned that the 3 million cannabis cartridges we’ve received may be made from products that were previously legal under the laws of Victoria and New South Wales.”

The ACCc said it has asked the Victorian government to look into whether a new product is being sold to Australians under the 3mg threshold.

“This will provide additional certainty for the industry, ensuring that customers can easily get access to the highest quality product and minimising confusion for consumers,” the ACCc’s CEO Peter D’Andrea said in the statement.

A spokesperson for 3M Australia said they have taken a number of steps to address this issue, including increasing their online distribution and updating the 3mm cartridges with new packaging.”3m cartridges are sold from a number the 3rd largest supply chain in Australia,” the company said in their statement.

“This means that 3M has an opportunity to provide the highest level of quality cannabis to customers while respecting the safety of the cannabis supply chain.”

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