Google is now shipping cartridges of inkjet cartridges that are used to print digital signage.

The new inkjet ink cartridges have a smaller footprint than previous inkjet cartridge options, but the technology is far more efficient, according to a post by Google InkJet in the Google+ community.

The cartridges have two parts: a cartridge head and a cartridge cartridge case.

Google said in a post that these cartridges “have a higher density and lower weight than previous cartridge models and are compatible with Google’s inkjet printer” that uses “a single, high-speed inkjet motor.”

The new cartridges are being shipped from a third-party printer, which will also be able to print on a variety of different materials.

The cartridge head, as you can see, is made of metal.

Google said the cartridge head is made out of aluminum and has an internal pressure gauge to allow it to print ink.

Google also added that the cartridge case is made from polycarbonate and is made up of plastic.

Google Inkjet also said that the cartridges can be used to build “digital signage.”

The company noted that the inkjet can also be used for textiles and texturing.

Google Ink Jet said the cartridges will be shipped “in a limited number of sizes.”

Google said it will be shipping the cartridges in batches of 200, which is a big step up from the previous 250 cartridges it had sold.

It also added the cartridges are made in China.

Google’s new ink cartridges are available for $39.99 and $49.99, respectively.