By Alex Ziemba/TechRadar title Sega unveils first-generation handheld, Weed Oil cartridge article The Japanese video game giant has officially announced its first handheld, the Sega Weed Oil, and announced its price at a press event today.

Sega has announced that the weed oil cartridges will retail for 5,600 yen, but it didn’t give any further information on pricing.

The weed oil has been described as a “cannabis oil” and is supposed to be used in the same way as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s former boss, Takashi Tezuka, famously said he would sell weed oil in a Sega Dreamcast console, but that wasn’t until after he quit the company due to health issues.

According to Sega, the Weed Oil is a device that has been developed by a team from the Japanese company R&D Research.

It will reportedly come in two sizes, a “mini” version that weighs 20 grams and the “full” version which is expected to be up to 25 grams.

The cartridge is made of stainless steel and can be used to store THC or cannabis oil.

Sega says the cartridges will come with a small instruction manual and instruction manual for the cartridge.

Sneak peek at Sega Weed oil cartridge Sega WeedOil [email protected],9p6gD3XhNm — Sega Dreamcatcher (@SegaDev) April 30, 2019Sega will also offer the Weed oil cartridges for pre-order for 5500 yen ($54) in stores and online starting today, with more retailers being added later on.

Sega will also sell the cartridge in its online store for 25,000 yen ($31), which is still $9 less than the regular price of the cartridges.