In his early 20s, Andrew Karpeles was making homemade juice from his garden.

But he didn’t have the technology to turn it into a drinkable product.

That’s when he saw the $60,000 Tesla Model 3 and, after some initial tinkering, discovered it could be made into a vaporizer cartridge.

So Karpels started making vaporizers in his garage and eventually sold them on eBay.

The company, called Garden of Eden, has now become a $2 billion company and has expanded into selling cartridges, which can be bought online or at hardware stores.

“I got lucky,” said Karpen, who owns two stores in Chicago.

“When I got my first battery pack, I was like, I’ve got to go make this.”

He’s not alone in his dream.

Many vaporizers are still in the garage, where they can be hard to find and easy to lose.

Many are made from wood, which is more expensive than glass.

And some can be difficult to work with.

“There’s no way you can buy a vaporiser without a little bit of experience,” said John Hodge, an associate professor at Ohio State University who has studied vaporizers and cartridges.

“You have to know how to use it and how to make it.”

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