Brewing cartridge maker Budweiser Co. has made a $300 million bid to buy a California-based company that makes cartridges for the beer industry.

The company’s bid is part of a push by the brewer’s parent, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, to expand its portfolio of products to include beer and other products.

Budweisers first cartridge maker, Brewtec, was founded in 2003.

Buds first beer-specific cartridge, the Wortboy, is made by Ballast Point Brewing Co. and sells for $35 a case.

Bud’s Wortboys are sold in 32-ounce, 50-ounce and 12-ounce sizes.

The $300-million bid by Budweis parent, the maker of Bud Light, is the largest single offer for Ballast’s brewing cartridge division since the beer giant bought brewing company Bock in 2012.

The bid comes as Ballast has seen its brewing business shrink to about $500 million, down from more than $1 billion a year ago.

Bud, meanwhile, is seeking to expand into the retail market.

Bud said it expects to sell about 4 million Worties a year.

Bud plans to offer a 10-pack of Wortballs and 10-packs of Worts in stores.

Bud is also exploring expanding into the medical and food supply sectors.

In September, the brewer said it would invest $150 million in a new distribution center and a new brewery.