Weed-infusing ice cream is a cool thing to do, but it requires some cannabis-infusion technology.

And it’s getting better and better.

This week, a couple of new cannabis-based ice creams have been launched, including one that can be consumed like ice cream.

The new “dumb ice cream” is the result of a collaboration between Colorado-based startup IceCream, a maker of ice cream and ice cream bars, and a Colorado-area company called Leafly, which is a cannabis-focused cannabis ice cream brand.

IceCream founder, Evan McLeod, explains that he has used cannabis to make ice cream before.

“In our company we were working on the ice cream recipe for a few months, and it took us a couple months to get it right,” he told Business Insider.

“We used cannabis, and we made the icecream.”

This is how the IceCrown® ice cream came together: a batch of cannabis infused ice cream was used to make the first batch.

McLeod, a cannabis scientist, says that he first experimented with ice cream made with cannabis in the fall of 2016, using the cannabis oil in ice cream to get a different flavor.

But when he realized that cannabis was an effective way to infuse ice cream with THC, he decided to take another look.

“It was like, ‘OK, I need to learn how to make it,'” he said.

“And then the first week, the first day, it’s like, it worked.”

McLean and Leafly co-founder, Kevin McLeod , share a photo of their new ice cream after the two began a cannabis collaboration.

In the company’s announcement, Leafly said that the Ice Cream was the first cannabis-centric ice cream created in Colorado.

The ice cream can be made using the same equipment as other ice creaks, like a blender or a food processor.

And because cannabis can be infused into the cream, it can be used to infusing the flavors of the ice.

The IceCroyd ice cream will be available starting in the second quarter of 2019.

McLeod said that IceCrended will be “available nationwide for everyone to try.”