By Mike Balsamo, Time magazineThe next time you see a gun that you can use with an AR, it might be the wrong rifle for you.

In a few months you’ll be able to buy a rifle with a lot of accessories.

But when it comes to actual use, there’s a lot that’s different about an AR15.

Here’s a primer on what it takes to get the best bang for your buck.1.

How Much Ammunition Is Enough?

When you see an AR rifle with lots of accessories, you’re probably thinking that the magazine is going to be big.

That’s what most shooters think.

But there’s not really enough ammunition to get an accurate shot at a rifle.

And when it’s time to fire, you need a lot more than the usual six or eight rounds to get it off target.

The AR-10, for example, is about 20 to 30 percent more accurate than a .223 caliber rifle, but only about half as effective.

So you need to spend more ammunition than you’d think to make an accurate, accurate shot.

So what you really want is a rifle that shoots as many rounds as it takes before the gun stops working, as the AR-type rifles are designed to do.

That means more than 20,000 rounds of .223 Remington, a cartridge commonly used in the .308 and .556 caliber.

(That’s the one you’d see in a Mossberg shotgun, not the ones in the ARs of some of the other popular brands like Ruger, Bushmaster, and SIG SAUER.)

This is the .223 round.

The standard .223 is a .308.

But in the modern AR, you can get a .22LR or .243 Win.

That gives you the option of getting the best of both worlds: the traditional accuracy of a traditional rifle, plus a much smaller magazine capacity that gives you more options to load a gun.

But for many people, the AR is going too far for that, especially when you consider the AR’s ability to accept a variety of cartridges.2.

The Magazines are Small, but They’re Heavy.

The most common AR magazines are 30-round capacity, which is about the size of a shotgun shell.

That allows the shooter to carry about 15 rounds of ammunition.

But the .22L and .243Win rounds are usually smaller, about 30 to 50 rounds each.

The .223 has a larger diameter, which makes it a better choice for people who prefer to carry a large amount of ammunition in their pockets.

The longer the magazines, the bigger the holes.

The bigger the hole, the less energy you’ll have to expend when you pull the trigger, which can be critical in a tight spot.

The magazine in an AR is also a bit more rigid than in a shotgun, which helps prevent it from bending in an accidental firing.3.

The Stock is Hard, but Not Too Hard.ARs are built to be lightweight.

The big problem is that they are made from a plastic material called polymer, which has a hard, dense, and brittle layer of plastic that’s supposed to keep the metal in place.

But it’s not as sturdy as it should be, and it’s also prone to breaking down.

The best ARs are made of aluminum and steel, which are both more durable and less prone to breakage.

And they’re both relatively light at 1,000 pounds each.

And that’s not even taking into account the extra weight of the AR itself, which weighs about 2,400 pounds.

So while an AR may be heavier than a shotgun in the field, it’s lighter than a rifle in the home, even with a loaded magazine.4.

You’ll Need an Operator to Use it.

The AR is a very complicated gun, but the best AR rifles come with a range of tools to help you use it.

They come with sights, sights, and scope mounts.

The optics are pretty easy to use, and the sights are good for close quarters, but they’re not great for general-purpose shooting.

You can also use a scope to shoot from a distance, but that’s a different animal.

You need a range finder to figure out where the shooter is at all times, and a scope that allows you to take pictures of your targets.

And if you’re shooting with a scope, you want one that’s light and flexible enough to fit on your shoulder and hold the scope securely.

But you also want a rifle scope with a solid steel barrel that’s going to keep your rifle in place and shoot even better.

The M4A2 is the most common scope in the market, and you’ll find plenty of other AR scope options for more money.

But don’t get a scope just because you want to get some good shots out of it.

If you want something with a good scope, the best rifle scope