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The NFL’s free-agent market is heating up again and the league’s decision to open its training camp with a new slate of players is likely to have a major impact on who gets a chance to participate.

The NFL has signed 11 free agents this off-season, and there are a lot of names that we’ve seen from the team and the player that were on the roster when the franchise was still in Los Angeles.

It’s clear that the team has made a significant investment in the free-agency process, and with the roster in flux, it’s hard to say who will make it to training camp.

The free-agents who will get the most reps at training camp will likely be the ones that are already on the team.

There are a couple of other players that the NFL has reportedly targeted in their efforts to get players back to their previous levels, and if they are healthy, there are some players that they might want to target if they don’t have enough other options.

Here’s a look at who the most intriguing free agents are, and what they might be able to offer to the organization.

If you’ve got a lot to do, and you’re a fan of the game, the most exciting free agents available to the NFL are wide receivers.

With so many talented players in this draft class, and some of the most talented wide receivers in the league, it is possible that there are players that you would like to see getting a look.

With the league expanding, there has been a lot more competition at wide receiver this offseasons, and a lot will come down to who is available in the draft.

One of the biggest names to come out of this offseason was Clemson’s DeVante Parker, and he was the top target at wideout for the first time this season.

Parker is an extremely talented receiver, but he could also be a great fit for the Rams, who drafted him in the third round out of LSU.

The Rams have been a huge fan of Parker throughout his career, and the Rams have seen him develop into a Pro Bowler in college.

He had nine receptions for 120 yards and two touchdowns in 2016, and was a key piece in the Rams offense in 2017.

He could also help in the receiving game in 2018, and has the ability to stretch the field with his size.

The Saints have been trying to sign a receiver this offseason, and they were reportedly in the mix for Parker.

There have been rumors about Parker, who has been listed at 6’1″ and 200 pounds, getting a visit from the Saints, and it was speculated that he was considering a contract with the team that was offered to him.

Parker has also been linked to the Jaguars, who have also been rumored to be interested in Parker.

However, the Saints have also made some moves, including adding cornerback DeShawn Shead to their defense, and signing tight end Jimmy Graham to a deal, so it is unlikely that they would take a chance on Parker.