The NHL is paying Kohler for a new fountain, which it said would be a key part of the team’s hockey operation.

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2018.

Kohler has spent $4 billion on the brand since 2007, and the NHL has spent millions on other sports properties including stadiums, arenas, and player jerseys.

“Our goal is to have a Kohler-branded product in the NHL by 2020,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement.

“This is an important milestone for our brand, and one that we look forward to working with Kohler to realize.”

The NHL’s teams will use the Kohler fountain as part of their uniforms.

The company will provide a variety of products for the team including the Kohl’s ice cream and the Kohlers Faucet Fountain.

Hockey fans can purchase their own fountain from Kohler’s website.

The NHL said Kohler has a long history of innovation and was the first company to offer ice cream at its facilities.

It also said the new fountain would be the latest in a long line of innovative products.