It is one thing to use a portable audio player and play music from your PS3, and quite another to do so while also using your PS4.

However, Sony has started to introduce PS3-specific accessories to its consoles, and these have proven to be quite popular among gamers.

There are now two major PS3 accessories, the 65-inch PS3 Pro and the 60-inch Pro Slim.

The Pro Slim is a slimmed-down version of the original Pro, and is now available with a slightly more affordable price tag of $149.99.

However it is not the same as the Pro.

Instead, the Pro Slim comes with a new design with more buttons and a more sleek black finish.

The PS3 Slim is also available with the same battery life, though it is a bit lighter at 2,000mAh.

It also comes with support for HDMI, microSD and USB-C.

The price difference between these two PS3s is also minimal.

For those who don’t want to shell out the $100 for the Pro, the Sony 65- and 60-in-1 PS3 are also available for $179.99 and $299.99, respectively.

For anyone who is interested in purchasing a PS3 PS3 controller, we also recommend checking out the PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro.

The PlayStation VR is a headset that you can plug into your TV and use to interact with VR content.

It can also use your PS Vita for VR gaming.

The Sony PS4 has been released a few weeks ago, and it is available for preorder starting on September 28.

The company is also starting to sell a PS4 bundle for $399.99 with a headset, a game, and a storage card.

The bundle also includes a PS VR headset, wireless controllers, and an Xbox One X bundle with an additional controller.

If you are looking to upgrade your PS5, the PS5 Pro is available starting on October 5 for $499.99 or a bundled PlayStation VR headset.