A family of three can have the same shower and showering problems they had for more than a year if they don’t replace the cartridge, the company said Thursday.

The company is testing new cartridges and is waiting for data from health agencies to determine if the cartridges are safe, said Scott Smith, vice president of research and development at the company, SteriGard.

Smith said his company tested the cartridges and found no problems with their performance or safety.

The cartridges are made by the company’s parent company, Purity.

They were used in older models and are expected to be the first to be replaced by the new models.

Steri-Gard says it is also testing new cartridge replacements for the next two years.

The company said the cartridges were designed for people who have an enlarged or enlarged prostate, a urinary tract infection, or urinary tract infections associated with urinary tract ulcers.

Smith did not say how many people the company has tested, but he said he expects it will be high, at least 100,000 people.

The first cartridges were tested in 2014, and about 100 people have been diagnosed with urinary infections, according to the company.

The new cartridges are meant to be used for people with urinary problems, such as cysts, and other problems that don’t affect urinary function, Smith said.

The FDA is testing the new cartridges, and the company is working with state health agencies and health insurers to determine whether they are safe and effective.

Sterigard has more than 3,000 employees worldwide.

The FDA expects to issue guidance in the next couple of weeks.