A smartphone has just been purchased in the US for $150, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bargain.

The smartphone, which is currently available for $399, has a 5.5-inch screen and a 5MP camera.

It’s not the cheapest smartphone out there, but it is a very good buy considering its price tag.

Read more: iPhone 7s review: The best phone to buy right now iPhone 7s with iPhone XS Max at $999 Apple’s cheapest smartphone is a new model, but the price tag is certainly not cheap.

While the phone will only run $100 less than the iPhone 7, it does have a larger screen, a new fingerprint sensor, a larger display and larger battery.

Its bigger battery means you’ll get more use out of it than with the iPhone 6s Plus.

A new iPhone with iPhone 8 with iPhone 7 Plus is available for around $1,299.

You may have to fork out more to get the iPhone 8 Plus, but its a very nice smartphone for the price.

For comparison, the cheapest iPhone available in Australia is the iPhone SE with 32GB of storage and an option for 32GB storage.

What you can expect to pay for a smartphone: iPhone 8 – $999iPhone 8 Plus – $1.499iPhone 8 – 64GB iPhone 8Plus – $2.499The iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR with 64GB of memory are available for a mere $999.

There’s no iPhone 8 or XS max or XR, but there are two versions of the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 is available with a 4K display and a fingerprint sensor.

The iPhones XR and XS are available with the same 4K screen and sensor.

iPhone XS – $799iPhone XR – $899iPhone 8S – 32GB iPhone X – $939iPhone 8 with 64 GB of storage – $1499iPhone 8 and 8S with 64 and 128GB of RAM – $1799iPhone X with 64Gb of RAM and 128Gb of storage for $2599Apple’s iPhone is the most expensive phone in the world, but in the past few years it has become increasingly popular.

In fact, the iPhone has now surpassed the iPhone 5 in the number of users worldwide, with 1.2 billion people owning iPhones in 2016, according to the latest research by market research firm IDC.

Apple has a reputation for being a luxury smartphone company, and it is still able to sell its iPhones in countries that can’t compete with the US or China.

If you’re going to buy a smartphone, be sure to get one that has the best screen and the best battery.

That means the iPhone.

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