A-Rock has been welcomed to Wisconsin with open arms.

The baseball star is set to open a restaurant in the state capital of Madison.

The eatery, named after the hometown of A-Ro, will open its doors on May 31.

A-Rock’s arrival in Madison will come as a relief to Wisconsin fans who have been left out of the festivities that will take place this month to celebrate the birth of A-, the team’s first baseman, with a series of special events.

This is not A-Rocco’s first visit to Madison.

The pitcher had a memorable visit last October, when he played a few games at Wrigley Field, before being whisked away by a tour bus.

He will be welcomed with open hands by the state’s most beloved baseball player, who will be introduced on the ballpark grounds and on the diamond in the team clubhouse.

Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker will be the one who walks the walk for A-RO.

Walker is also set to announce a number of other major state and local business opportunities, including a Wisconsin Dairy Council scholarship program for students from rural areas, a partnership with the National Hockey League’s Minnesota Wild to bring professional hockey to the state, and more.

A-Ros first stop will be Madison, where he will be greeted by Wisconsin Gov.

Joe Doyle, as well as the state legislature, the Wisconsin State Police, and Madison Police Department, as the city and state’s capital prepare for the baseball star’s arrival.

The arrival of A-.

Rod will be a momentous occasion in the lives of both players and fans alike, with many of them in attendance.

The celebration will begin with a tour of the ballpark that is being dubbed “A-Ro’s New Life.”

A-ro will be joined by a group of Wisconsin baseball greats, including Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Tim Hudson, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Brett Lawrie, and Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun, who is currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery.

“It’s going to be a fun day,” A-Rob said.

“A lot of great memories will be made.

A-rock is going to have a fun time.”

In the days leading up to the event, Walker and Doyle will have a full day of discussions, including an on-field meeting with A- ROCCO, including the team and the state of Wisconsin.

Walker will also host a team meeting at the state Capitol.

The team will have their first meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

They will also have an off-day at 1 p. m. on Thursday.

The celebration also includes a team autograph session and photo op at the Madison Convention Center.

The A- Roz tour begins with a walk on the Diamond at W-R-P.

Walker and his staff will walk the diamond before entering the ballpark.

From there, the team will head to the team parking lot where they will meet with fans who will receive free admission.

They then will be whisked to the ballpark by a bus.