How to use the new respirator for the new season: The new cartridge is a great way to stay safe!

The NHLPA is working with the league on a new respirators, and it has some great tips for using the new cartridges, according to NHLPA VP and General Manager Jim Rutherford.

Here are some of the highlights.

How to use a respirator cartridge in the new series: If you are already a player and would like to wear a respirators with your regular regular pads, you will need to purchase a new cartridge, Rutherford said.

The NHL has a store that will carry the new cartridge.

If you don’t have the store in your area, you can buy one from the NHL store, Rutherford told reporters in a conference call.

The new cartridges are designed to provide a better seal against bacteria.

They come in two sizes, and the new model comes in two flavors, the “sport-like” and the “high-tech” versions.

The Sport-like cartridge has a larger opening that helps it breathe more efficiently and is a better fit for players who wear pads, Rutherford added.

The high-tech version has a wider opening, and is easier to breathe through.

The new models are designed for players with longer arms and legs.

Both cartridges are made of the same material, he said.

Rutherford said players who are currently wearing a helmet should wear one with the Sport-esque cartridge.

They will also be able to wear one without it, Rutherford continued.

There is no cap on the Sport/High-tech cartridges.

Players wearing a mask will be able wear both cartridges, he added.

The caps are not designed to be worn on the inside of the helmet.

Players who don’t wear helmets should wear either one of the new products, Rutherford explained.

If a player is a regular-season NHLer and wears a respirating mask, he can still wear the Sport cartridges in that game, Rutherford noted.

But, he explained, “If you have a mask, you have to put it over your face, or it won’t fit.

So we would suggest that players wear a helmet.”

Rutherford also told reporters that the NHL will provide a free mask for players in their regular pads when the new sets come out.

Players can get a free MaskPass when the league launches the new product, but not the regular-year masks, he noted.

The NHLPA has also given the league permission to distribute new masks to players who have used their regular masks for the past six weeks.

If a player has used a mask for the previous six weeks, the league will provide them with a free new mask, Rutherford clarified.

The latest NHLPA respirators have a capacity of 10,000 breaths per minute, Rutherford stated.

Players will have to wear the new masks for a full two minutes of play.

Players will also need to wear an approved mask for their new season when the respirators come out, Rutherford indicated.

Players wearing masks will not need to use an approved respirator in the preseason, but can still participate in the regular season when they wear a mask.

Rhodes said the NHLPA will work with the NHL to make sure that players who need a respirated environment during games wear their masks and get their respirator.

The respirator will also work on any players who donned protective gear during the preseason.