California: Five-year-old girl dies from exposure to pesticide

A five-year old California girl who died from exposure after using a pesticide on her lawn has died, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The girl’s father, David Hern, said his daughter, Kym, was diagnosed with a respiratory condition after using an pesticide on a piece of hay she grew.

Kym died on Monday at Sacramento General Hospital, according to the newspaper.

Hern said he was surprised to learn his daughter had been exposed to a pesticide known as carbaryl, which is banned in California because it causes nerve damage.

The Bee reported Hern was also surprised to discover the county has banned the pesticide.

He said he had contacted the Environmental Protection Agency, which confirmed his concerns.

The county’s pesticides regulatory office told the Bee that carbaryl has been banned in the state since 1998.

California is a leader in the use of pesticides in the United States.

The state has banned pesticides in recent years to protect people from the deadly chemical dieldrin.

The pesticide is commonly used to control turf grass, shrubs and grasses in urban areas.