The Nintendo NES was a very popular game console in the early ’90s, and many players loved the colorful graphics and the nostalgic feel of playing it with friends.

In the following years, though, the NES was hit by a number of new Nintendo handhelds, including the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS.

There’s a reason Nintendo has been using the handheld for so long: they’ve got some of the best games out there.

There are still plenty of great titles on the SNES, the 3DS, and the DS, and some of those games are pretty amazing.

If you’re looking for a solid, classic NES game, check out our NES list of the Top 10 NES games, or if you’re just looking for something new, check the NES Classic Edition for a few good alternatives.

Read more: Best NES games: The 10 best NES titlesYou can also check out the Nintendo NES Classic Bundle, which includes the NES, SNES Classic Edition, and DS Lite for $80.

There is also a Nintendo 3D Edition, which is basically a 3D version of the NES.

But we digress.

Read on for the NES list.

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