With your phone’s battery removed, how do you remove it from the charger and prevent accidental battery death?

The answer depends on how much you know about how to remove a battery cover.1.

If you can, remove the battery cover by opening it and pulling it down to the ground.2.

If it is a USB port, remove it by pulling the connector out.3.

If the battery is not plugged in, the battery should be completely removed.4.

Pull the battery out of the charging port by unscrewing the battery, holding the cover up with one hand, and sliding it away from the charging cable.5.

Remove the battery by removing the battery from the connector and gently pushing the battery away from its connector.6.

Do not push the battery in, as this will damage the battery.7.

Be careful not to tear the battery casing or the charger.8.

Reinstall the battery if necessary.9.

Do NOT use a vacuum cleaner to remove the batteries battery cover, as that can damage the cells and lead to overheating and even explosion.10.

If your battery has a cracked screen, remove that battery cover as well.11.

If a broken screen is present, contact a technician at the National Institutes of Health to have it replaced.12.

If there is a battery under the cover, check the battery for signs of overheating, especially if it is new or under warranty.13.

If an overheated battery is causing a loss of charge or a rapid drop in temperature, contact your provider immediately and discuss with them the best way to dispose of the battery and its components.14.

Do a battery swap with your smartphone’s manufacturer, or a battery repair center or online shop, to get the best results.15.

If battery damage is not causing a short-term battery loss, a new battery should have a longer life than the battery that is in the same condition.16.

Check for any cracks in the battery case by taking a look under the covers, or by looking at the side of the device, if possible.17.

Remove any loose screws, and gently lift the cover off the phone by hand or with a pair of pliers.18.

The battery cover should be removed by gently pulling it away.19.

Do an air-tight seal and store the battery completely away from any moisture, debris, dust, and other contaminants.20.

Keep the battery covered until you are ready to recharge it.