When you’re not trying to look good, you’re just trying to stay ahead of the game

When you want to feel powerful, you need to feel sexy.

So why not make your skin look great?

This year, cosmetics brands are getting a new push to turn their skins into a more glamourous alternative to makeup, with a new line of cosmetics aimed at female celebrities.

As the New York Times points out, beauty brands have been trying to turn a “tattoos and other tattoo-related products into cosmetics for years, with mixed success.”

Now they’re making their own.

“We are in the process of creating the world’s first fully tattoo-safe cosmetics,” said K.M. Singh, the founder and chief executive officer of Aptiv, which is the maker of Afti.

Singh said his company has been in talks with a number of brands about the collaboration.

“In fact, we have already launched our first partnership with a brand who wants to start manufacturing its products on our campus,” he said.

“The collaboration is about providing an alternative to the beauty industry’s beauty mascaras.”

The new cosmetics will be made with ingredients such as glycerin, sodium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, and magnesium sulfate, which are also found in skin care products, such as salves, creams, and serums.

“With these products, we will be able to offer a more natural and natural-looking skin for women who are looking to improve their skin’s appearance,” Singh said.

Aftik, which will be launching the new cosmetics at the 2017 World Congress of Cosmetic and Dermatology in Dubai next week, has also started work on a new skin-care line, Afta, to be launched in 2018.

The company’s CEO, A.B. Raj, told The Times that the goal of the new line is to bring together the beauty and skin care industries and bring more products into the marketplace.

“This partnership is part of the Aftiv brand’s commitment to make products that can make people feel more beautiful,” Raj said.

Singh added that Aftas products are formulated with “natural ingredients” and are formulated to work on “everybody’s skin.”

“Our goal is to make it a safe product,” he added.

According to Singh, Aafti will make up for the absence of “skin-care mascarias” by providing products that “are designed to look natural.”